Move In/Move Out Cleaning

Home Move In/Move Out Cleaning

Maid 2 Service offers the best maid service and the ideal solution whether you are moving in or moving out of a property in the area. We know life is busy, so Maid 2 Service takes care of all your needs to make moving less stressful.

With over 20 years of experience in residential cleaning throughout the NYC area, we are your home care expert when you’re moving. We provide uniformed, bonded, insured staff for every cleaning project.

Are You Selling Your Property?

Statistics show that professionally-cleaned homes sell faster and for more money. Using a NYC maid service makes perfect sense both financially and for your own peace of mind. We know you have plenty to do without having to worry about whether your home’s level of cleanliness meets a potential buyer’s standards.

First impressions do count so if you intend to list, Maid 2 Service will ensure your home is sparkling. We offer professional home cleaning services which guarantee buyers like what they see which attracts greater interest. Once your property sells, we also offer maid service to tidy up your home before turning it over to new owners.

Satisfy Your Landlord’s Demands

Moving is hectic and very time-consuming. Landlords are sticklers for cleanliness, but few people have the time needed to whip their rental into shape to satisfy landlord demands. Let Maid 2 Service handle all your cleaning needs. We free up time so you can focus on other tasks. We want you to pass your landlord’s inspection with flying colors and get your full deposit.

Our apartment cleaning services include cleaning your home from top to bottom. At Maid 2 Service we:

  • Scour bathrooms and kitchens, including appliances
  • Wipe down cupboards and drawers – inside and out
  • Clean the refrigerator-inside and out
  • Clean the dishwasher-inside and out
  • Clean the stove-inside and out
  • Wash floors until gleaming
  • Dust baseboards, light fixtures, window ledges, pictures and furniture
  • Vacuum in every corner
  • Eliminate scuff marks, fingerprints and pet hair


If you need special cleaning task, please ask. We are professionals and can customize your clean likely do it!

Landlords & Property Managers

Maid 2 Service is the best maid service available and you can rely on us to get the job done right, every time. Whether you are preparing a property for rental or cleaning up after a tenant or renovation, our maid service has the team you need. We want your properties to glow so the tenants line up to sign the lease.

Both our home cleaning services and apartment cleaning services  are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We offer friendly service and free estimates on all your cleaning needs. Maid 2 Service also has a rewards program without binding contracts, lock-out or cancellation fees.

Green Cleaning

Maid 2 Service believes the environment is worth protecting. We offer green cleaning products with no VOC’s, on request. Your health and safety, that of your family and pets, and the environment are important and our cleaning products are 100% biodegradable. Even though they are without volatile organic compounds (VOCs), this does not make them less effective. We can clean your home thoroughly without the use of harmful chemicals.

Maid 2 Service is Meticulous, Consistent and Affordable

Maid 2 Service offers premier professional cleaning when you need it. We ensure you are 100% satisfied. Our uniformed, fully-bonded and insured cleaners have all the tools and supplies to do the job properly every time.