Home Services

Green Cleaning Services

The Green Clean certified green cleaning products we use was selected to be safer for humans, pets and the environment while still being effective. Our cleaning products meet several important criteria. This list includes no carcinogens, no human or aquatic toxins, no reproductive toxins, non-corrosive to eyes or skin, non-flammable, effective for intended use, formulated and packaged for reduced environmental impact. We also use microfiber cloths and Hepa Filtered Vacuums.

Perimeter Detail Clean

Kitchen Cleaning Services

  • Hand wipe kitchen cabinets and furniture
  • Clean and sanitize countertops
  • Clean Range Top and Front
  • Clean grease filter
  • Clean and sanitize sinks
  • Clean and shine up fixtures
  • Clean microwave inside and out
  • Clean all appliance exteriors
  • Floors vacuumed and mopped
  • Hand wipe nic nac areas
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Empty wastebaskets

All Room Cleaning Services

  • Area rugs lifted to be vacuumed
  • Vacuum and mop floors
  • Vacuum and deodorize carpets
  • Vacuum upholstery
  • Vacuum and mop stairs if applicable
  • Dust window sills, ledges, picture frames, lamps, lighting
  • fixtures, louvers, ceiling fans, nic nacs, baseboards, mini
  • blinds, louvered doors and furniture
  • Wipe down appliances
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Make beds and change linens
  • Empty wastebasket

Bathroom Cleaning Services

  • Clean and disinfect toilets
  • Clean, scrub and disinfect tile walls, showers, bathtubs
  • Clean and disinfect sinks and counters
  • Clean and disinfect shower doors
  • Clean Mirrors and shine up chrome fixtures
  • Spot check and remove any mold and mildew
  • Hand wipe all nic nacs
  • Vacuum bath rugs
  • Vacuum, Wash and disinfect floors
  • Neaten up towels
  • General Dusting
  • Empty wastebaskets

Extra Services

  • Indoor and Outdoor window cleaning
  • Cleaning Inside Kitchen and or bathroom cabinets
  • Cleaning inside the stove and or refrigerator
  • One time only cleans, move in & move out cleans,
  • construction cleans etc.
  • Wall Cleaning
  • Changing linens on more than 1 bed
  • Cleaning Outdoor Front and Back Patio
  • Load the dishwasher
  • Polish or wax floors
  • Stone Polishing
  • Deep clean grout & tile surfaces